Saku Metsärinne

Saku is the guy on the right (or below). He's the photographer behind all the photos on this site. He likes to take photos of people, products, events, and landscapes, sometimes combining some or even all of these. He is based in Helsinki, Finland, but available and willing to travel wherever the best photos might await.

People, or portrait, photography takes place either in studio or on location. Same applies for product photography, which varies from products shot on white background to fashion shoots on the streets. Both natural light and studio lighting are used for both portraits and products, be it in studio or on location. 

Event photography includes weddings, graduations, annual balls, after parties, concerts, or any other events you might want to remember later. Weddings are covered from preparations all the way to the last dance of the night, or however you would like. Saku has experience from nine annual balls for student organizations such as HYY, AYY, Guild of Physics, Condus, and Kopeda, as well as from many other events and student parties.

Landscape photography is mostly for background images and prints on the wall. So if you want your favourite vista hanging on your wall, don't hesitate to be in touch!